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RCCS-V5 : is the 5th generation of Realtime Custom Cabinetry System created by Advanced BIM Systems.



RCCS-V5 introduces a new paradigm for designing and modelling cabinetry and storage systems in Autodesk Revit  by utilizing a brand new AI system called PCA (Predictive Cabinetry Assist) to really help jumpstart your designs in the fastest way possible.

A full suite of creation and editing commands allows you to quickly and easily adjust your design with minimal fuss and with little to no experience of 3d modelling. With RCCS-V5, you will experience a clean, easy-to-use "wysiwyg" user interface (what you see is what you get).

There are no complex pop-up dialog boxes to fill in, just a simple and intuitive point and click experience. Whether you're an architect, building designer, interior designer, game developer, 3d artist or cabinet maker, RCCS-V5 will be the must have tool for your Revit cabinetry design workflow.


RCCS-V5 supports both Revit 2021 and Revit 2022

(RCCS-V5 for Revit 2021 & 2022 versions are sold separately)





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